Friday, March 28, 2014

FDMEE PSU510 released (

Just from the owen...
Some defects are fixed in this PSU:
We are still waiting for Oracle to publish the new admin guide where we can see more details about new features. In the README we can only see one:
  • Format Mask Mapping
FDMEE now supports the ability to specify a format mask for a target member. What is this?

This functionality is useful when designating the target member based on some part of the source member, an additional prefix, suffix, or replacement text for the target.
This feature is mainly thought for mappings where target members are defined as concatenated segments (like target profile dimension in ARM) although it can be also used for mappings where target is not delimited.
The format mask is available for the target member specification for all mapping types except Explicit.
I don't want to adventure before documentation is published I will leave this as standby.
But only 1 new feature??? just after digging deeper I noticed that there is a new ODI Scenario:

which tells me that we can now load metadata from SAP BW :-) The ODI Scenario is imported when patch is applied:
SAP METADATA LOAD is not available yet.
I know, it's weird that Oracle did not put it in the README... Accidentally they left the ODI Scenario there but SAP METADATA LOAD will be available in next patch... (520?)

If any of you are wondering... why metadata from SAP BW and not from SAP ERP?
My understanding is that to get the metadata from ERP we would need to go after many different tables and subsystems to get that information (large effort) As the market is mainly demanding metadata from SAP BW, here you are (you demand? you get?)

Which FDMEE version is showed in EPM Workspace?
So waiting for the admin guide where hopefully new Format Mask Mapping will be detailed.



  1. Hi,
    First, thanks for the post. I updated to this version successfully and installed the ODI prerequisite but after when I checked the system settings I can't find the agent URL option so when I intialize the source system it failes although it was working at the previous version, can you help me please in this issue,

    1. The AGENT URL was removed in previous releases as these details are now taken from weblogic.

      Have you tested your agent is up and running? You can do it from ODI Studio or FDMEE System Settings > ODI.


  2. Oh Thanks for your urgent reply really thanks!! Look, I installed the ODI studio and imported the master and work repositories well and created an agent and edited the odiparams file and the agent is running. My questions are:
    1) should i create workrep at the odi studio and put its name in the erpi system settings ?
    2) should i only use the odiconsole and leave the odi studio ?

    Appreciate your prompt response :)

    1. Ah I forgot, if you can tell me the activites that should be done in odi studio and the activites that should be done in odiconsole would be great, just tell me the activities not the steps, i went deeply with the erpi but this version seems weird :D


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