Friday, September 19, 2014

ADF Patch 19586149 for issue "Excel exported from Data Grid has only headers" you get any error message where this word appears?

I had several customers facing the following issue. When they tried to export data to Excel from Data Load Workbench, the output file was empty, just headers.

The problem was that this issue was happening randomly. For small sets of data was working, then for large was not unless we applied a filter in the quick search boxes. Then suddenly it was working for large sets...

The bug was not coming from FDMEE but from ADF and luckily we now have a new patch to solve that issue and few more:

We have already applied the patch in most of them and they confirmed data can now be exported to Excel with no issues :-)

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  1. I attempted to apply the patch as per your blog. Only one issue it will then rollback patch Id 18362693. Any ideas on how to apply both? Or is there no impact is that patch is rolled back and the patch you suggested applied on top of it?


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