Sunday, April 12, 2015


Hi all,

I will be attending and presenting @Collaborate2015.

In case you wish to meet there just let me know!

Update 13th April 
For DRM customers, we knew FDMEE is was going to be integrated with DRM so we can maintain our mappings in DRM and import them into FDMEE (you may have been doing this with custom solutions)
It seems that Oracle is also delivering the integration the other way back...having DRM as target in FDMEE so we will be able to load metadata from our ERP systems into DRM using FDMEE.
To wrap up:
- DRM as a source for mappings import
- DRM as a target for metadata loading 

Also, as FCM is getting more powerful, FDMEE-FCM integration will provide more capabilities to users during the month close.

For SAP integration, we will able to load metadata from SAP BW into our EPM apps. Why no SAP ERP? Basically metadata is too spread for SAP ERP so metadata can come from many different places whereas SAP BW metadata is easier to access. First step for a better future integration.

Internet Explorer 11 is now supported in What about we will have to wait until summer :-)

All this is planned to be released in the next PSUs.

And what about next release? 12.x.x? although not officially confirmed, I would bet all my money on the second option. In that way, we would have EPM aligned with the Oracle application stack. When? 2016


  • Non-numeric data loading into Planning
  • Metadata loading from heterogeneous systems (files...)
  • Mapping review mode
  • Mobile functionality for drill-thru page

Please, not that this information is not officially published yet so do not use for making important decisions :-)

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