Monday, April 6, 2015

Where was I? What have been doing?

Hey folks!

I have been very busy with my little baby, not sleeping so much, and becoming an expert on diaper changing :-)
Being said that, I hope you all understand why I was not blogging so often.

So now trying to normalize my life, one of the TO-DO bullets is to keep on sharing FDMEE stuff with all the EPM community.

As I always say, the show must go on!!!


  1. Can you post FDMEE loading metadata to EPMA?

    1. Hi,

      metadata loading is not mature in FDMEE yet.
      which king of info are you looking for?

      I think there are other interesting topics to post before but I will take that into account

  2. Congratulations! I hope to see pics of the new little one at KScope15! :)

    1. Thanks Opal!, pics, videos! I have all the merchandising!

      See you soon


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